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Saby, City Links 2014-2015

Saby Samedy

“My name is Saby. I’m from Haiti.  I’m 16 years old and I moved in the US in October 2012.  Moving here was both a great and a tough experience.  It was a great experience because I had the opportunity to discover a new place, meet new people, and learn about a new culture.  I also had a tough experience because  I had to learn a foreign language, I had to learn a new culture, and most importantly I had to live there.  I had to leave my family, my friends, and my country behind.  It was a hard decision but it  had to be made.  I have now been living in Cambridge for two years.  I enjoy playing volleyball and tennis and I love reading.  For the future, I plan on on going to a four year college and earn my masters to be a doctor.  My expectations towards the City Links program are to have a mentor that will help me and advice me, and also for this program to help me spread my wings.”

Jarna, City Links 2014-2015

Jarna Uddin“My name is Jarna. I’m 15 years old. I was born
in Bangladesh.  I’m studying in Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.  I’m a sophomore.  I have been living in Cambridge Massachusetts for 11 months. My uncle applied for my family to come here.

 I love math. Last year I was the best student from my math class.  I want to learn more English. I love to draw and I have portraits class. In my free time I chat with my friends.

 I want to finish the high school and go to college. I have one future plan. That is to be a nurse. I want to back in Bangladesh with my family. I know how to respect others. I want to do a good job.

 I want to be a part of City Links because I don’t know how to speak English very well. I heard from others that City Links is for who came from another country and don’t know how to speak English very well. City links has field trips, lots of fun and one day a week a tutor. From City Links we can meet new friends.”

Irma, City Links 2014-2015

Irma Exil“Moving in the US wasn’t really a challenge for me because I had a family waiting for me. They wanted me to be there with them and to help me to accomplish my goals in life. I have been living in Cambridge for about 3 years. I love it here because I get all the support I need and I have people that care about me and how I’m dealing with everything.  And they will help me if I m struggling with anything.

I have a lot of hobbies, which are  reading, watching TV, and the most important ones are music and dance. After high school school, I’m planning on going to Northeastern University.  I will be doing a law program that will help with my career in law, then I will go to law school. I will work very hard, try to do my best at everything so that I can accomplished my number one goal.  Giving up is not a choice for me because I want to achieve my goals so that I can make my mom who brought me to this country very proud.

I hope that I  learn a  lot from City Links this year because I’m junior and I’m really thinking about my future. I want to be prepared to go out there on the world.  I hope that we will work a lot on resume and also to visit more colleges so I can get an idea of what it is like to be in college. I want everything to be panned out before I m a senior. I also think that it might be a good idea for juniors to start applying for scholarships because it’s never too early to think about your future.”

Hyreya, City Links 2014-2015

Hyreya Yessuf 2

“Moving to the U.S. was pretty challenging. I got the opportunity to learn more than I did in my country. I met new people and learn about different cultures. I learned English quickly.

I’m now a senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin school. I have been living in Cambridge and the U.S. for 3 years.

My extracurricular activities are: I have work, Math and English tutors and I have a mentor. My plans for the future are to go to college and study Biology and Engineering. My expectation about the City Links program is to have more fundraising for the field trip to El Salvador. I’m hoping throughout the year, I will improve my English speaking skills, finish my college application and have fun.”

Guilia, City Links 2014-2015

Giulia BandairaMoving to the United States was like a dreaming becoming true. This is another

reality, another life, a place where the people can win new options of successful
way. I moved to Cambridge just a month ago, and my hobbies here are playing
piano and listening to music, but now I  have City Links as a extra curricular activity.

My goal for the future is to be accepted in USP (University of São Paulo) in medicine or engineering courses, this college is the best university of Brazil; I wanna expand my family’s company too, together my mom and my little brother. Now, my objective is do my best to learn In City Links and enjoy this big experience.”

Fania, City Links 2014-2015

Fania Emmanuel

“My native language is Haitian creole. I moved from Haiti to United States in July 2012 with my mom, sister and my brother.  I have been living in Cambridge since I first came. Now I feel I would never leave Cambridge because I already

familiar with it, and I get what I really want that could help me in the future like school and other good opportunity that other city does not have.

This year I wanted to be part of the City Links program because I believe that as I do part of it I could get chance to accomplish many goals. I believe that if I do part of it I would get help especially to apply for colleges. I interest to get community service hours done and I believe being a part of  City Links I can make all of them done.”

Gene, City Links 2014-2015

Gene Chen

” I’ve always believed that moving to America would change my life completely. Indeed now I feel like my life has just started since I came to this country.

So far I have lived in America for 19 months. During my free time, I enjoy singing, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. I’m going to be a veterinarian in the future, and my goal is to go to Cornell University in New York.

My biggest expectations about the City Links Program are learning about working skills, doing community services, having a tutor, and going to all the field trips even if they are in abroad.

Most importantly, I want to have those social experiences for becoming a good and well rounded student. I hope I will be well and familiar with the social communication skills and have the leadership ability as well.”

Read more about Gene’s experience in City Links on his blog post about one of the City Links college campus visits, when the group visited the University of Massachusetts Boston campus this fall.