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Meet Alexander, Akeru, and Harry

alexander“This is Alexander, a Junior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School from El Salvador. In his free time he likes to go to the gym and work out. He dreams of becoming a detective and going to Boston College.” – Written by Peer Leader, Cynthia

“Let’s meet Akeru. She is from Japan and has been inAkeru United States for a few months now. She is a junior and this is her first year in the City Links program. She is a wonderful student who works hard to achieve her goals and prepares herself  for whatever comes her way.” – Written by Peer Leader, Pauline

IMG_0808“Hi all! Let’s meet with Harry Jean. He’s nice and he likes his friends. He’s from Haiti and he’s in the City Links Program. He wants to be a carpenter or mechanic after finishing his studies.  He likes to play games and watch T.V in his free time.” – Written by Peer Leader, Aisha

Meet Abigael, Kenlly, and Aruzhan

Five Peer Leaders were selected this year to act as role models and to support other students. They recently conducted interviews with all of the Leadership Program students. Here are their first few interviews:

abigael“Come and say hi to Abigael, a Sophomore at Rindge. She is a smart, jovial young lady. You would like to have her for a friend because she knows what a true friend is about. She is always here to listen to her friends no matter what. She has great goals for life. She wants to go to college and be Doctor Abigael, well-renowned in the world. She dreams of having her Dad with her in the US.  She hopes to keep up her good grades and work harder everyday for a better future. She had to struggle with not knowing English and left her country to move to a country different from hers. Even though she has daily challenges she kept on pushing forward and has a big smile on her face.”-  Written by Peer Leader, Sephora

Kenlly“Let’s meet  Kenlly, he is from the Dominican Republic and enjoys playing basketball. He has been such an excellent student all his years with City Links. As a student in his last year at Cambridge Rindge And Latin School, he works hard with the intention to fulfill  his tasks.” – Written by Peer Leader, Pauline

Aru“This is Aruzhan, she is in 10th grade. She was born in Kazakhstan and loves to play tennis and ride horses. Her dream is to graduate from one of the top universities in England and then get a masters degree at one of the Ivy League universities. She dreams of opening her own business. She plans on getting a degree in law with a minor in business management.” – Written by Peer Leader, Cynthia

My Dream

by Aisha, City Links Student

Aisha (2)It was November 24, 2013, when I arrived to New York from my original country where I was born. I was so excited to see my family again my brothers, my sister and my father, because they have about ten years since they moved here to the United States and left back in my country my mother and me. On the other hand, I was sad to leave my mother alone in my county but no way, I have to leave her alone and come to United State to look for better life.

I feel like I will achieve my goal that I dreamed of every day, because in the United States I can get a good education, good life and I will help my family. Back in my country there isn’t good education like here in the United States, and also you have to pay in order to get education even though is not a good like here. When I was in my country I feel like I can’t achieve my dream because of the situation that they have in the education sectors.  When I went to school in the United States for the first time it was hard for me to communicate with a different people because I didn’t know how to speak English and I never get friend. I feel like it’s impossible to make my dream come true because in this country you have to speak english in order to communicate with the different people or it will hard to get any help.

Luckily for me, I have a wonderful tutor named Mr. Jake who helped me English, and also in the class I have Mr. Figueroa who really helped me so much in English. Now I can speak English even though I make mistakes. At this time I’m sure if God help me I can make my dream come true. I want to finish my high school and get a good grade and high GPA in order to go to a good college in the United State. In college I like to study business management because I want to be a businesswoman. After finishing my education here I want to go back in my country to stay there and open a business, to help the other people how have a hard life like the homeless. I’m sure I can do everything that I want with a help of God. God helps me to make my dream come true.

New Life, New experiences: Coming to a New Country, New Culture and Style.

by Yousef, City Links Student

Yousef AlghamdiOne day I heard that I’m going to the U.S, now, do I feel happy for having a great opportunity or do I feel sad for the homesickness that I know I will have there?  I accepted the fact and I started improving my English, I had a month or so.  Of course I didn’t want to learn but all the thanks go to god then my parents for the support.  The days went like a spark, I didn’t realize that I’m going thousands of miles away for a whole year from the place that I had never left for more than a month.

“Am I really in America?” I said to my mother after we finally got here, “Is this real or it’s just a dream?” I pinched myself, no it’s not a dream.  I knew that I had only one year and I had to use it wisely, and I did my best.  The first four months I hated my life. I wanted to go back to Saudi Arabia, because it’s hard to communicate with people with bad english, you have the idea in your mind but you can’t get it right, not enough english words to describe it perfectly.  All the pain and the homesickness went away when I met my friends, my American pals, even though they were not Americans, they still are in America.  Time passed, memories come and go, life changes, and the pending moment gets closer, the moment where I turn my life in another direction, to the future.

My Life as a Student

by Reya Begum

Reya BegunMy life as a student was always good, but there were sometimes where it didn’t feel that good. Even though my student life was good I wanted it to be better. I took every opportunity that came to me no matter how hard it was. There were only few times when I couldn’t take it and that was because of some family problem. Being a student can help a person a lot and it did for me. I get a lot of different opportunities to explore new things, to work with different people, to learn different things and have fun. As I grow up my student life started to became harder and harder but I never gave up and I still hope to not to give up. There were sometimes where I felt like I just can’t do this work anymore that’s where my family and friends came in and helped me to not to give up. They gave me hope that I can do this and that I’m not a quitter. They made me feel like I’m a really smart person and which kind of made everything easy for me.

When I first came to the United States the school was hard for me because I didn’t know how to speak english, But as the days went by it started to become kind of easy for me. When I started high school in Cambridge Rindge and Latin, things didn’t go the way I thought it would be. I thought it would be really hard but instead I felt like it was easy and after school after doing my homework I didn’t have anything to do. I like reading but I didn’t know what book I should read or what would be good for me. At the beginning of my sophomore year I joined City Links and my life kind of changed. City Links gave me a mentor who is like a friend to me. She helps me everytime when I’m in need. She also help me pick up books that I should read and she recommends  the best books. I have a lot of fun reading those books and it made me read more and more. City Links also gave me an internship which is really helpful I get to learn new things and see new things as well. I would love to thank City Links for everything that it has done for me.

My Life

by Rima, City Links Student

Rima Begun 2My name is Rima Begum. I am a high school senior. I came from Bangladesh in 2011. When I came to America I had  difficulty in understanding English, but later on when I started going to school I started  understanding English.

When I came to America I lived in Michigan for one  year.  After one year later I moved to Cambridge  Massachusetts in 2012. I started going to Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in September 2012  as a sophomore. As a senior I joined the City Links Program . After joining I got an  internship and academic mentoring and tutoring which help me a lot in my education. It’s also helping to choose a college after my graduation.

I’m graduating this year. City Links gave me information and showed me some colleges that I can join. City Links tutoring helps me a lot, there is a lot of time when I don’t know how to do my homework because I didn’t understand, but because of the tutor he helps me understand the homework and helps me finish it. Even my grade went up this year  and this is because of the help. I get an  honor award this year and that is because my grades went up. I’m really thankful to City Links and the people. I feel like it kind of changed my life. It showed me how does it feels  when you work.


Saby, City Links 2014-2015

Saby Samedy

“My name is Saby. I’m from Haiti.  I’m 16 years old and I moved in the US in October 2012.  Moving here was both a great and a tough experience.  It was a great experience because I had the opportunity to discover a new place, meet new people, and learn about a new culture.  I also had a tough experience because  I had to learn a foreign language, I had to learn a new culture, and most importantly I had to live there.  I had to leave my family, my friends, and my country behind.  It was a hard decision but it  had to be made.  I have now been living in Cambridge for two years.  I enjoy playing volleyball and tennis and I love reading.  For the future, I plan on on going to a four year college and earn my masters to be a doctor.  My expectations towards the City Links program are to have a mentor that will help me and advice me, and also for this program to help me spread my wings.”