Meet Abigael, Kenlly, and Aruzhan

Five Peer Leaders were selected this year to act as role models and to support other students. They recently conducted interviews with all of the Leadership Program students. Here are their first few interviews:

abigael“Come and say hi to Abigael, a Sophomore at Rindge. She is a smart, jovial young lady. You would like to have her for a friend because she knows what a true friend is about. She is always here to listen to her friends no matter what. She has great goals for life. She wants to go to college and be Doctor Abigael, well-renowned in the world. She dreams of having her Dad with her in the US.  She hopes to keep up her good grades and work harder everyday for a better future. She had to struggle with not knowing English and left her country to move to a country different from hers. Even though she has daily challenges she kept on pushing forward and has a big smile on her face.”-  Written by Peer Leader, Sephora

Kenlly“Let’s meet  Kenlly, he is from the Dominican Republic and enjoys playing basketball. He has been such an excellent student all his years with City Links. As a student in his last year at Cambridge Rindge And Latin School, he works hard with the intention to fulfill  his tasks.” – Written by Peer Leader, Pauline

Aru“This is Aruzhan, she is in 10th grade. She was born in Kazakhstan and loves to play tennis and ride horses. Her dream is to graduate from one of the top universities in England and then get a masters degree at one of the Ivy League universities. She dreams of opening her own business. She plans on getting a degree in law with a minor in business management.” – Written by Peer Leader, Cynthia

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