My Dream

by Aisha, City Links Student

Aisha (2)It was November 24, 2013, when I arrived to New York from my original country where I was born. I was so excited to see my family again my brothers, my sister and my father, because they have about ten years since they moved here to the United States and left back in my country my mother and me. On the other hand, I was sad to leave my mother alone in my county but no way, I have to leave her alone and come to United State to look for better life.

I feel like I will achieve my goal that I dreamed of every day, because in the United States I can get a good education, good life and I will help my family. Back in my country there isn’t good education like here in the United States, and also you have to pay in order to get education even though is not a good like here. When I was in my country I feel like I can’t achieve my dream because of the situation that they have in the education sectors.  When I went to school in the United States for the first time it was hard for me to communicate with a different people because I didn’t know how to speak English and I never get friend. I feel like it’s impossible to make my dream come true because in this country you have to speak english in order to communicate with the different people or it will hard to get any help.

Luckily for me, I have a wonderful tutor named Mr. Jake who helped me English, and also in the class I have Mr. Figueroa who really helped me so much in English. Now I can speak English even though I make mistakes. At this time I’m sure if God help me I can make my dream come true. I want to finish my high school and get a good grade and high GPA in order to go to a good college in the United State. In college I like to study business management because I want to be a businesswoman. After finishing my education here I want to go back in my country to stay there and open a business, to help the other people how have a hard life like the homeless. I’m sure I can do everything that I want with a help of God. God helps me to make my dream come true.

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