New Life, New experiences: Coming to a New Country, New Culture and Style.

by Yousef, City Links Student

Yousef AlghamdiOne day I heard that I’m going to the U.S, now, do I feel happy for having a great opportunity or do I feel sad for the homesickness that I know I will have there?  I accepted the fact and I started improving my English, I had a month or so.  Of course I didn’t want to learn but all the thanks go to god then my parents for the support.  The days went like a spark, I didn’t realize that I’m going thousands of miles away for a whole year from the place that I had never left for more than a month.

“Am I really in America?” I said to my mother after we finally got here, “Is this real or it’s just a dream?” I pinched myself, no it’s not a dream.  I knew that I had only one year and I had to use it wisely, and I did my best.  The first four months I hated my life. I wanted to go back to Saudi Arabia, because it’s hard to communicate with people with bad english, you have the idea in your mind but you can’t get it right, not enough english words to describe it perfectly.  All the pain and the homesickness went away when I met my friends, my American pals, even though they were not Americans, they still are in America.  Time passed, memories come and go, life changes, and the pending moment gets closer, the moment where I turn my life in another direction, to the future.

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