My Life as a Student

by Reya Begum

Reya BegunMy life as a student was always good, but there were sometimes where it didn’t feel that good. Even though my student life was good I wanted it to be better. I took every opportunity that came to me no matter how hard it was. There were only few times when I couldn’t take it and that was because of some family problem. Being a student can help a person a lot and it did for me. I get a lot of different opportunities to explore new things, to work with different people, to learn different things and have fun. As I grow up my student life started to became harder and harder but I never gave up and I still hope to not to give up. There were sometimes where I felt like I just can’t do this work anymore that’s where my family and friends came in and helped me to not to give up. They gave me hope that I can do this and that I’m not a quitter. They made me feel like I’m a really smart person and which kind of made everything easy for me.

When I first came to the United States the school was hard for me because I didn’t know how to speak english, But as the days went by it started to become kind of easy for me. When I started high school in Cambridge Rindge and Latin, things didn’t go the way I thought it would be. I thought it would be really hard but instead I felt like it was easy and after school after doing my homework I didn’t have anything to do. I like reading but I didn’t know what book I should read or what would be good for me. At the beginning of my sophomore year I joined City Links and my life kind of changed. City Links gave me a mentor who is like a friend to me. She helps me everytime when I’m in need. She also help me pick up books that I should read and she recommends  the best books. I have a lot of fun reading those books and it made me read more and more. City Links also gave me an internship which is really helpful I get to learn new things and see new things as well. I would love to thank City Links for everything that it has done for me.

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