My Life

by Rima, City Links Student

Rima Begun 2My name is Rima Begum. I am a high school senior. I came from Bangladesh in 2011. When I came to America I had  difficulty in understanding English, but later on when I started going to school I started  understanding English.

When I came to America I lived in Michigan for one  year.  After one year later I moved to Cambridge  Massachusetts in 2012. I started going to Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in September 2012  as a sophomore. As a senior I joined the City Links Program . After joining I got an  internship and academic mentoring and tutoring which help me a lot in my education. It’s also helping to choose a college after my graduation.

I’m graduating this year. City Links gave me information and showed me some colleges that I can join. City Links tutoring helps me a lot, there is a lot of time when I don’t know how to do my homework because I didn’t understand, but because of the tutor he helps me understand the homework and helps me finish it. Even my grade went up this year  and this is because of the help. I get an  honor award this year and that is because my grades went up. I’m really thankful to City Links and the people. I feel like it kind of changed my life. It showed me how does it feels  when you work.


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